“no bootable devices found” after installation of Mageia Linux

After the installation of Mageia 9 my Dell laptop refuses to boot with the following error: “No bootable devices found”

Background: Before, Ubuntu 22.04 was installed on the laptop. But I erased it completely and rearranged the partitions, too.


Manually create a boot option using the DELL setup utility (aka UEFI BIOS):

  1. Press F2 to open the setup utility
  2. Go to: General | Boot Sequence
  3. Under “Boot list option”: Make sure UEFI is selected
  4. Click on “Add Boot Option”
  5. Enter a meaningful “Boot Option Name”, e. g. “Mageia 9”
  6. Click on “…” to select a file name
  7. Navigate to \EFI\mageia\grubx64.efi
  8. Done.

Further information

In the setup utility, I have Secure Boot disabled.

An official Knowledge Base Article of DELL recommends to set System Configuration | SATA Operation to “AHCI” for linux installations. Unfortunately, mine is set to “RAID on”. Maybe that is causing the issue…