Using Amaze file manager to transfer data between your PC and your Android phone

Instead of using a USB cable to transfer data between your PC and your smartphone using MTP, you can also use a wireless connection and Amaze file manager app and an FTP client.

  1. Install the Amaze file manger on your Android phone (e. g. available at F-Droid app store).
  2. Establish a connection to your wireless router, i. e. activate WiFi.
  3. Open Amaze and navigate to the hamburger menu
  4. Click on “FTP Server”
  5. Optional: Configure the settings
  6. Click on “Start” to launch the FTP server
  7. After starting the server, Amaze will show the IP address and port number of the FTP server (if it does not work, chek your router settings – DHCP should be configured to automatically assign an IP address to connecting devices)
  8. Important: Do NOT lock your device i. e. leave the screen on – otherwise, the following connection attempt might fail.
  9. Use the shown IP address and port number on your FTP client (on your PC) as to connect to the FTP server. Good FTP clients are FileZilla or Nautilus.
In the hamburger menu, click on “FTP Server”
This dialog will be shown